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    KONE Flow Manager für Residential Flow


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    KONE Flow Manager für Residential Flow

    Optimize battery settings for Xiaomi smartphones

    • 1.
      Go to Settings -> Manage apps' battery usage -> Choose apps.
    • 2.
      Pick all apps that you want to receive push notifications.
    • 3.
      Select No restrictions.
    • 4.
      Go to Settings -> Permissions -> Autostart.
    • 5.
      Pick all apps that you want to receive push notifications.
    • 6.
      Toggle the switch to turn it on.
    • 7.
      Go to Settings -> App notifications.
    • 8.
      Pick the apps that you want to receive notifications.
    • 9.
      Turn the Priority toggle on.
    • 10.
      Open KONE Flow.
    • 11.
      Press the recent apps/overview button (the square button on stock Android, or the button with three horizontal lines on the Mi Mix).
    • 12.
      Find KONE Flow, and pull down on it to "lock it", so that it never gets cleared.
    • 13.
      Turn off memory optimization.
      • i
        Note: This requires Developer Options privileges as follows:
      • A.
        Go to Settings -> About phone.
      • B.
        Tap on MIUI version tab approximately eight times.
        A message saying "you are now a developer." displays.
      • C.
        Go to Settings -> Developer.
      • D.
        Turn off "memory optimization".
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